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Website Creation

website creation The development of a website goes through several phases that start always from the analysis of the customer’s business and his needs, as well as his goals. The subsequent steps include a study of the possible technical solutions, and the choice of the website layout, along with its contents – text and graphics. Once a decision has been reached in agreement with the client, it’s time to decide the best technologies to use in order to achieve the set goals: programming languages, CMS, databases, graphical tools, etc.

All these phases are synthetically identified as designing stage, after which begins the development stage itself. This stage, which the client usually doesn’t care for, is indeed very important and thorny, as the final result is strictly connected to a clean programming and a correct use of the tools and technologies involved.

Facets that may seem secondary are, for example:
  • browser, SEO The compatibility with as many browsers as possible. A website that is correctly viewed only with a particular browser will surely exclude a consistent part of visitors.
  • Content and code optimization in order to gain the best positioning possible on search engines. It’s not enough having a nice and well-designed website, if users cannot locate it searching on Google or Yahoo.
  • Website Accessibility, to make your website accessible to individuals with any type of hardware, software or disability, because your visitors are all equally important.
  • The compliance with web standards according to the specification and guidelines of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), because you don’t want to find yourself tomorrow with an obsolete website that needs to be rebuilt.
The last phase, consists in transferring to the on-line server all the files that compose the website, and the final test and tuning.

The website creation may include, if requested by the client, domain name registration and hosting of the site.