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Applicazioni Web
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Web Applications Web Applications are a valid alternative to traditional Client/Server architecture based on a server program running on a computer of a local area network or intranet, and a specific client program which runs on all computers on the same intranet that have to interface with the server application.
Unlike client/server architecture, web-based applications are independent of hardware and software platforms used by clients: users connect to the application using their preferred web browser, without having to install a specific software to interact with the server application.
A web application runs on a server, this means that every change and update is immediately available to all users, who can connect to it from any location, using the Internet as the infrastructure, rather than a local network.

Web Applications Common web applications used every day by anyone are, for example, bank and post services portals, webmail applications, forums, all e-commerce applications used to manage shopping carts and order processing by all online retail stores, etc.

Development costs of web applications are almost always largely compensated by the benefits. Web applications allow to be modified and updated without having to physically distribute the updates to all users.

Applicazioni Web

To get an idea of a web application you can visit the integrated booking management system for hostels and b&b, developed for©

Web Application development requires skills and knowledge in different areas and the use of different technologies and programming languages: XML, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, for the presentation tier, or front end; one or more server-side scripting languages for the application tier: PHP, ASP, Perl, JSP/Java, RDBS languages for the data tier: Sql, Mysql, Oracle, etc.

Our estimates for web application development are calculated at € 150 per day.